EnPhySoft at PPA

Environmental Physics Software (EnPhySoft)


EnPhySoft is an open-source software package that provides simulation tools (modules) for environmental physics and engineering applications of membrane filtration and particle dynamics.  This free package can be used for educational, research, and industrial purposes with users’ own risk of results.

Author and Credentials

EnPhySoft is developed by Prof. Albert S. Kim at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Please use the public mailing list enphysoft@gmail.com to send questions or to ask for help.


Currently, the first version includes the hollow fiber direct contact membrane distillation (HFDCMD) module. Other modules will be added as necessary or requested.

  1. HFDCMD:
    • reference: Albert S. Kim, Cylindrical Cell Model for Direct Contact Membrane Distillation (DCMD) of Densely Packed Hollow Fibers, Journal of Membrane Science, 455 (2014)  168–186. URL.

Download and install

EnPhySoft uses 64bit Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as a standard platform. Using any OSs including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux distributions, a user can install Virtual Box and open the appliance file. As EnPhySoft runs within a virtual Ubuntu, basic knowledge and/or experience of Linux OS will help advanced users, but not required.  

Before using EnPhySoft, one should

  1. download and install Oracle Virtual Box  and Filezilla of user’s  own operating system,
  2. download the latest version of EnPhySoft ova file, and
  3. import it to the VirturalBox (as an appliance).

The first login will be automatic as user “enphysoft” (or “membrane”).

Dependent Package Installation

  1. Core packages
    sudo apt-get install --yes make gdebi
    sudo apt-get install --yes tcl tk octave gmsh getdp
  2. Recommended packages
    sudo apt-get install --yes gcc gfortran
    sudo apt-get install --yes subversion

Package update

To use the latest EnPhySoft package, you need to do the followings and/or refer to this manual.

Graphic library for octave

  • If graphic results are not shown, indicating gif errors:
    $ cd
    $ echo ‘graphics_toolkit(“gnuplot”)’ > .octaverc

Simple method

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Visit repository site here.
  3. Download the latest Debian package (enphysoft.1.9-0.deb).
  4. Open Terminal.
  5. Type and enter:
    cd ~/Downloads
  6. Install using the following command (the latest one):
    sudo apt-get remove enphysoft
    sudo gdebi   enphysoft_1.9-0_all.deb

Advanced method

    1. Open terminal.
    2. Add enphysoft ppa (Personal Package Archive) using the following command.
      sudo  add-apt-repository ppa:albertsk-m/enphysoft
    3. Press [ENTER] when the following message comes out.
      "Press [ENTER] to continue or ctrl-c to cancel adding it."
    4. Update your packages.  If not “update”, then enphysoft package won’t be installed in the next step.
      sudo apt-get update
    5. Install using apt-get.
      sudo apt-get install --yes enphysoft

(This method may not work depending on enphysoft package built and your Ubuntu series.)

Distribution update

  • To upgrade Ubuntu distribution version:
    sudo update-manager  -d &

and follow the instruction