CEE 648 Membrane Separation in Aquatic Systems


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Study Topics and Schedule

  1. [1/15] Introduction and Overview
    • History, classification, and applications, driving force and performance evaluation, membrane structures and modules
  2. [1/22] Global water scarcity
    • Global demand of water and energy, desalination vs. reuse, and membrane vs. thermal processes.
  3. [1/29] Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena (I)
    • Basic thermodynamics, ensembles and energy functions, and transport phenomena
  4. [2/05] Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena (II)
    • Advanced thermodynamics (statistical mechanics for membrane separation)
    • Basic mass/heat/momentum transfer
  5. [2/12] Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration (I)
    • Basic RO modeling using solution-diffusion model, concentration polarization, and advanced models
  6. [2/19] Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration (II)
    • Empirical correlations for mass transfer, fouling phenomena, and array design
  7. [2/26] Forward Osmosis
    • Introduction to FO, fundamental transport phenomena of FO vs. RO, and FO applications and future directions.
  8. [3/04] Pressure-Retarded Osmosis
    • Comparative analysis of RO, FO, and PRO and application potential
  9. [3/11] Microfiltration and Ultrafiltration
    • Transport in porous media and filtration models
  10. [3/18] Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena (III)
    • Thermal phase change, vapor pressure, latent heat, and combined diffusion
  11. [4/01] Membrane Distillation (I)
    • Transport mechanisms, membrane materials, and properties
  12. [4/08] Membrane Distillation (II)
    • Operation modes: direct contact, vacuum, sweep gas, air gap, and liquid gap MD
  13. [4/15] Electrodialysis and Reverse Electrodialysis
  14. [4/22] Special topics
    • Ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC) and adsorption desalination (AD)
  15. [4/29] Special topics and/or course review
  16. [5/6] Final exam (the last day of instruction: 5/3)