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  • [Aug. 28 – Sep. 2, 2021] Dr. Kim attended the 2021 North American Membrane Society meeting at Estes Park, Colorado, as a session chair and presenter (two oral presentations and one debate leader).
  • [Aug. 13, 2021] Hanna Asano successfully finished 2021 NHSEMP summer project, Eia Kawa’a, to study the efficiency of Native Hawaiian Canoe using computational fluid dynamics.
  • [May 4, 2021] Our NSF BPE project is featured at UH News: $641 grant to boost Native Hawaiians in engineering.
  • [April 13, 2021] My team made it! I am very proud to be a member of this pioneering research team, who will converge socio-cultural psychology, native culture, and multi-engineering disciplines for holistic Native Hawaiian STEM education.  Breaking Barriers to Participation: A Cultural Approach to Increasing Native Hawaiian Representation in Engineering. (award ID: 2034824)
  • [December 9, 2020] Myles Gota will have his presentation/oral exam of his MS plan B report entitled “Socioeconomic Correlations of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Pandemic Spread in the State of Hawai’i”. MATLAB source code and data files are available at
  • [December 1, 2020] Dr. Kim’s paper “Transient Hydrodynamic Stresses on Reciprocating Hollow Fibers using Hydro-Rattle Algorithm: A Constraint Dissipative Hydrodynamics Simulation,” is accepted in Journal of Membrane Science.
  • [November 29, 2020] Dr. Kim’s paper A fast and scalable mesh generation method of densely packed hollow fibers for membrane separations: application to direct contact membrane distillation” is accepted in Journal of Computational Physics
  • [November 24, 2020] Dr. Kim’s Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (edited) book is featured at UH News: Renewable ocean resource technology focus of new book
  • [November 20, 2020] Undergraduate students received UROP research funding for a project, “COVID-19 Socio-Economic Analysis in the State of Hawai’i,”. Project ID: 96795-UROP, UG researchers: Seth Colburn, Brenton Sasaoka, and Marino Connell.
  • [November 4, 2020] Dr. Kim gave a talk at WRRC, entitled “Future Desalination in Pacific Islands”. wrrc-2020-11-04-future-desal.pdf
  • [November 3, 2020] The total number of downloads exceeded 2500. Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics for Emerging Engineering Processes IntechOpen-Book_Performance_Metrics-1
  • [October 2, 2020] Dr. Kim gave a presentation at Hawai’i Data Science, “COVID-19 Pandemic Data Analysis and Forecasting for Hawaii Counties”.
  • [September 1, 2020] Mari Connell joined our hicovid team.
  • [August 18, 2020] Seth Colburn, Mia Fong, and Brenton Sasaoka successfully finished three-week NHSEMP summer program.
  • [August 9, 2020] Dr. Kim’s edited book “Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC): the Past, Present, and Prospective” has been downloaded more than 500 times.
  • [August 5, 2020] Dr. Kim’s undergraduate project under NHSEMP is featured at UH News: Students Engineer COVID-19 forecast model and the Department News of Civil and Environmental Engineering.
  • [August 3, 2020] An COVID-19 forecasting site is open:
  • [May 15, 2020] A new publication featured in a UH News: “2 decades later, solution to problem becomes published work
  • [May 14, 2020] Dr. Kim’s first and sole authored paper, “Complete analytic solutions for convection-diffusion-reaction-source equations without using an inverse Laplace transform” is published online in Nature Scientific Reports:
  • [May 13, 2020] An open-book,  Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC): the Past, Present, and Prospective was publisehd online.
  • [December 10, 2019] Dr. Kim’s edited book, Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics for Emerging Engineering Processes – Eulerian vs. Lagrangian, is officially published.
  • [December 10, 2019]  Dr. Kim’s chapter “Fundamentals of Irreversible Thermodynamics for Coupled Transport” in “Non-Equilibrium Particle Dynamics” has been downloaded 100 times to date.
  • [December 4, 2019] Dr. Kim’s edited book, Nonequilibrium Particle Dynamics, is officially published.
  • [November 25, 2019] Mr. Tyler T. Tsuchida successfully defended for his MS Plan A thesis. Title: Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations of Overflow Patterns in Utility-Chamber and Hydrodynamic Stresses in Vegetation Zone.
  • [November 21, 2019] Dr. Kim’s book chapter, Dissipative Dynamics of Granular Materials in “Granular Materials”, has proved to be very popular and has been downloaded 500 times to date.
  • [November 14, 2019] Mr. Myung Jin Koh successfully passed CEE PhD qualifying exam.
  • [November 13, 2019] Dr. Kim became a cooperating faculty member at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, UHM.
  • [October 15, 2019] Book chapter, “Temperature Effects on Osmosisreached 500 downloads.   TEFO500
  • [September 27, 2019] Dr. Kim presented “Cleaning Ball Dynamics in Corrugated
    Heat-Exchanger Slits: CFD Analysis”, The 7th Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) symposium, 9/26–28, 2019, Busan, Korea
  • [September 11, 2019] The College of Engineering has the country’s 134th best undergraduate engineering program. UH campuses rank among best in nation, world​
  • [September 9, 2019] Dr. Kim gave a seminar to graduate students, “How to use open-source software to publish journal papers” how-to-write-org-beamer-print-2019-09-09.pdf
  • [August 23, 2019] Dr. Kim’s book chapter “Membrane Thermodynamics for Osmotic Phenomena” was downloaded more than 500 times.
  • [August 9, 2019] “Computational Fluid Dynamics of a Corrugated Plate-and-Frame Heat Exchanger used for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion” is accepted in a special issue of CFD of Journal of Environmental Engineering.
  • [May 15, 2019] Mr. Tyler Tsuchida received the 2019 American Council of Engineering Companies, Life Health Trust (LHT) Scholarship as one of 8 distinct awards.
  • [Friday May 4, 2019] Dr. Joshua Lelemia Irvine got an offer from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, West Oahu campus, Applied Physics department. Congratulations.
  • [Wed May  2, HST 2019] A new book website is open for  Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC): the Past, Present, and Progress.
  • [Tue April 30, HST 2019] A book chapter, entitled “Fundamentals of Irreversible Thermodynamics for Coupled Transport” by Albert S. Kim and Hyeon-Ju Kim, is accepted.
  • [Sun Apr 21, HST 2019] A Lyx template of ASCElike template is developed and uploaded to github:
  • [April 3, 2019] Chi Epsilon (XE) chapter member Siu Fung Tang won the XE Bertram Tallamy Scholarship by Chi Epsilon National!
  • [Februay 27, 2019] The total number of citation in my group exceeded 1,600.
  • [Februay 15, 2019] Referee acknowledgment for 2018, Physics of Fluid
  • [January 31, 2019] Dr. Kim’s co-authored book chapter reached 200 downloads: Temperature Effect on Osmosis.
  • [January 24, 2019] my dynamics classroom photo (B&W vivid warm):
  • [January 10, 2019] Jenny Pang, a student at Roosevelt High School joined CEPL.
  • [January 7, 2019] Lelemia filed this Ph.D. dissertation.
  • [December 19, 2018] Lelemia’s third paper, “Hydraulic design perspectives of bioswale vegetation layers” is accepted for publication in Desalination and Water Treatment.
  • [December 5, 2018] Dr. Linyan Li, whom I serve as a Ph.D. committee, got a part-time teaching position in LCC.
  • [Novermber 20-26, 2018] Dr. Kim had an invited talk in Changwon National University and visited Gyeongnam National University of Science and Technology in S. Korea.
  • [November 19, 2018] Mr. Joshua Lelemia Irvine successfully finished his impressive defense. Congratulations, Dr. Irvine.
  • [November 9, 2018] Coupled transport phenomena during initial storm-induced runoff in a biofiltration swale process: a CFD study using OpenFOAM, Desalination and Water Treatment, accepted.
  • [October 28, 2018] Tetrahedron interpolation routines are posted on git.hub website:
  • [October 26, 2018] Dr. Kim’s new media article came out:  The Ultimate Solution For Global Water Scarcity, Civil Beat, Hawaii
  • [October 26, 2018] Our new OpenFOAM solver for the bioswale research is posted on git.hub website:
  • [September 12, 2018] Lelemia’s first full paper, “Understanding bioswale as a small water and wastewater treatment plant: A theoretical review”, has been accepted in Desalination and Water Treatment  (Impact Factor, scimagojr,  ranked 98th in Water Science and Technology and 45th in Ocean Engineering).
  • [August 16, 2018] Koh, Myung Jin joined CEPL as a fresh Ph.D. student from Jeju National University, Korea.
  • [April 22, 2018] On our way back from Kumukahi and Hilo, with Governor Ige.
  • [April 12, 2018] A forward osmosis paper is published in Desalination.
  • [April 10, 2018] What If The Planet’s Day Began In Hilo? (My most provocative idea for socio-economic future for Hawaii) in Civil Beat. 
  • [March 21, 2018] Tyler’s (late) birthday dinner
  • [March 15, 2016] Lelemia simulated stormwater runoff from the rail guide-way to the ground level 
  • [February 28, 2018] CEPL research on “Study uses 3D modeling to explore storm inundation risk” appears in UH News and CEE News.oahu_wl_flood_geo2
  • [Feb. 7-8, 2018] AWWA Hawaii section, Hawaii Water Environment Association (HWEA) conference. (2018_Abstracts_Form, due September 29, 2017). Links: and
  • [February 2018] Pacific Water Conference and American Water Works Association (AWWA) conference.
  • [February 20, 2018] A paper” Sewer chamber design under critical conditions using computational fluid dynamics (CFD)” by Tyler Tsuchida, Joshua Lelemia Irvine, Siufung Tang, Jamie Nishikawa, Leighton Lum, Albert S. Kim is accepted in Desalination and Water Treatment.
  • [Nov. 15 – 17, 2017] (Tentative ) International Environmental Engineering Conference. IEEC 2017 (
  • [September 2017] Lelemia Irvine received “Honorable Mention Award” for his poster presentation, entitled “A review of applying bioswale technologies for stormwater reduction and depollution”, National Conference of The American Indian Science and Engineering Society, Denver, CO.
  • [August 30, 2017] My book chapter, “Membrane Thermodynamics for Osmotic Phenomena”, is permanently published. Link to the PDF.
  • [August 27-28, 2017] “Review of Basics Reverse Osmosis Process Modeling: A new combined fouling index proposed” is accepted in Membrane Journal. Preprint
  • [August 25, 2017] “Self-adjusting, combined diffusion in direct contact and vacuum membrane distillation” is accepted in Journal of Membrane Science.
  • [August 22, 2017] The Kohala Center awards two Hawaiian Scholars Doctoral Fellowships
    [August 7, 2017] Lelemia appeared in Hawaii Magazine
  • [August 1, 2017] Shelby Fillinger joined CEPL.
  • [July 30 – August 4, 2017] Attending ICOM2017 at San Francisco.
  • [August 1, 2017] Shelby Fillinger joined the CEPL group as a MS student.
  • [July, 2017] Joshua Lelemia Irvine joined the CEPL group as a PhD student.
  • [May 14, 2017] “Origin of structural parameter inconsistency in forward osmosis models: a pore-scale CFD study” is accepted in Desalination.
  • [April 12, 2017] InTech book chapter, “Dissipative Dynamics of Granular Materials” in book “Granular Materials” is approved.
  • [Apr.  6, 2017] Dr. Kim will receive the 2017 University of Hawaii Board of Regent’s Excellence in Teaching Award (to be updated soon) after his research award in 2006 from UH BoR and NSF CAREER in 2005. The ceremony will be on May 1st.
  • [Mar. 08, 2017] InTech book chapter, “Membrane Thermodynamics” is officially approved.
  • [Jan. 2, 2017] Noelle Chen joined CEPL.
  • [Nov. 28, 2016] Man Hin Leung received “Research Experience for Undergraduate” award.  Project: 3D Visualization of Granular Materials Using Open-Source Software.
  • [Oct. 24, 2016] Tyler Tsuchida joined CEPL.
  • [Oct. 4, 2016] Siufung Tang joined CEPL.
  • [Nov. 13 – 18] Attended AIChE meeting in San Francisco.
  • [Aug. 30] Particle visualization scripts generated using vpython.
  • [July 15 – 24] Dr. Kim visited Fiji and Kiribati for the educational workshop of renewable desalination.
  • [Thr July 14 2016] Hollow fiber direct contact membrane distillation program is up at Click Here.
  • [Mon July 11, 2016] An OpenFOAM solver for forward osmosis is developed in a collaboration with KIST researchers.
  • [Fri May 13 HST 2016] Prof. Kim introduced the Outstanding Graduating Senior, Kelsie Sasabe in 2016 College of Engineering Convocation.
  • [Thu May 11 HST 2016] The total publications reached 1,000 citations.
  • Albert S. Kim , Ho-Saeng Lee , Deok-Soo Moon, Hyeon-Ju Kim,
    Performance control modeling on adsorption desalination using initial time lag (ITL) of individual beds, accepted in Desalination (5/5/2016).