omputational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) + Multi-physics

  1. Review
  2. Open Source Packages
    1. Elmer – Open Source Finite Element Software (FEM) for Multiphysical Problems
    2. Free CFD
    3. NEK 5000 (free mature research DNS/LES computational fluid dynamics solver) (DNS: direct numerical simulation, LES: large eddy simulation)
    4. Semtex (Spectral element – Fourier code) by Prof. Hugh M. Blackburn
    5. OpenFOAM (free open-source CFD software package produced by a commercial company, OpenCFD Ltd.)
      1. Installations
        1. All OSs (Linux, Windows, and Mac) using Virtual Box
        2. Mac (v2.2, v2.3)
        3. Source installation
        4. Deb mirror site
      2. FOAMCFD
      3. Tutorial: Tommaso Lucchini
      4. Specific foams
        1. icoFoam
        2. interFoam
        3. scalarTransportFoam
        4. reactingFoam
  3. Commercial Packages
    1. COMSOL
    2. Ansys Fluent
    3. Star CCM+

Mesh Generation

  1. blockMesh embedded in OF – script for very simple geometry
  2. tetgen – a quality tetrahedral mesh generator and a 3D Delaunay trigangulator: manual and original paper.
  3. netgen (download)
  4. gmsh: GNU MeSH
    1. Manual
    2. Reference Manual
    3. Tutorial by A. Avdis and S.L.Mouradian (or gmsh tutorial)
    4. Cavity Mesh
  5. Salomeopen-source software that provides a generic platform for Pre- and Post-Processing for numerical simulation. It is based on an open and flexible architecture made of reusable components.
    1. Direct link to OpenFOAM using pythonFlu
  6. enGrid: open-source mesh generation, which can use output geometry generated using FreeCAD:
    1. Unstructured Grids for OpenFOAM with Blender and Engrid
    2. Tutorial videos
      1. Blender Absolute Beginner Tutorial: Ep 1, Ep 2, Ep 3, Ep 4