About CEPL


Research Mission

  • To design future engineering systems and interfaces of energy, water, and particles by using statistical physics and high-performance computing.

Research Themes

 Simple DHD: Settling of polydispersed spheres
Constrained DHD: Dimer, Tetrahedron, and Chain
Collision:  granular shot

  1. Computational fluid-particle dynamics (CFPD) in the Lagrangian picture
    1. Particle dynamics: dissipative hydrodynamics (DHD
    2. Fluid dynamics: OpenFOAM (vs. smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH))
  2. Coupled and complex transport phenomena
    1. Granular particle dynamics in natural and engineered systems
    2. Thermally renewable processes: Membrane distillation
  3. High-Performance Computing (research methods)
    1. Parallel computing for multi-physics phenomena (using MPI and OpenMP)
    2. Scientific visualizations for CFPD


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