About CEPL


Research Mission

  • To design future engineering interfaces, systems, and infrastructures of energy, water, and particles by using statistical physics and high-performance computing.
  • Specific Theme: Renewable Desalination (Re-salination) under socio-economical, cultural, and technological consilience, leading UH Desalination Research Group with Prof. Qu in Mechanical Engineering.

Research Themes

 Simple DHD: Settling of polydispersed spheres
Constrained DHD: Dimer, Tetrahedron, and Chain
Collision:  granular shot

  1. Computational fluid-particle dynamics (CFPD) in the Lagrangian picture
    1. Particle dynamics: Dissipative Hydrodynamics (DHD)
    2. Fluid dynamics: OpenFOAM (vs. smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH))
    3. CFD-DHD Coupling through the Lagrangian approach
  2. Coupled and complex transport phenomena
    1. Irreversible thermodynamics and fluid mechanics coupling
    2. Granular particle dynamics in natural and engineered systems
    3. Thermally and osmotically renewable desalination using Membranes
  3. High-Performance Computing (research methods)
    1. Parallel computing for multi-physics phenomena (using MPI and OpenMP)
    2. Parallel linear algebra and parallel Monte Carlo
    3. Parallel scientific visualizations

Website and Repository

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