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How to include multiple authors with different affiliations in LaTex

\usepackage{authblk} \author[1]{Author A\thanks{}} \author[1]{Author B\thanks{}} \author[1]{Author C\thanks{}} \author[2]{Author D\thanks{}} \author[2]{Author E\thanks{}} \affil[1]{Department of Computer Science, \LaTeX\ University} \affil[2]{Department of Mechanical Engineering, \LaTeX\ University} \renewcommand\Authands{ and }

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LaTex Appendix in Elsevier template

\appendix \setcounter{figure}{0} \renewcommand\thefigure{A.\arabic{figure}} \addcontentsline{toc}{section}{Appendix} %\counterwithin{figure}{section} %\numberwithin{equation}{section} %\numberwithin{figure}{section} %\numberwithin{table}{section}

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Network command on Ubuntu

to add new gateway route add default gw to see the network adapter information nmcli dev show eth0 to restart network ./init.d/networking restart to see dns stauts systemd-resolve –status

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